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foreUP: New Release UPdate

By Team foreUP on Aug 19, 2020 1:31:05 PM

Did you know that new releases are added to your foreUP system every day? Most of the time you don't even know it happens!

Take a look at (just some of) the recent additions or improvements to the tools you use to run your business. 

The Small Stuff: foreUP Software Updates

Get it straight from our Product team. Here are the updates they think you might want to know about, this month. 

Improvement to inventory audits: Inventory audits will now be dated according to the day they are started, not the day they are finished.

Pass sales can require a birthday: You may want to require your customers to be a certain age in order to purchase certain passes. Now you can make the customer's birthdate a required field that must be entered in order to purchase a pass. Coupled with the minimum/maximum age requirement on passes, you can rest assured that customers are only able to purchase passes you want them to buy.

bday required for pass sales

Create a separate URL per specific pass: This new setting allows a course to sell passes online and have customers browse all existing passes in your platform—prior to logging in as a customer.

unique golf pass link for marketing or purchase

guest browse course passes without logging in

This enhancement will also allow you to send out a link to specific pass in your online store. If you've ever wanted to market a new pass that's being rolled out for your store, you can now send people a link in an email that will take them directly to the specific pass to learn more about it.

Ability to require specific customers on a sale require a note: Whether you need to get notes about which family member is making purchases for a household, or which member is racking up charges to a corporate account, this setting will prompt your employee to type a note that will only be viewable internally to your staff.

golf software require note on checkout

Ability to add a card without first saving a customer: You can now add a card to a new customer profile without having to first save theweston_3 customer then add the card later, making the signup process smoother. 


Print Side-by-Side: Tired of scrolling to compare reports? We've added the ability for you to print tee sheets next to each other.  


 Updates in final testing phases:

  • Transferring mis-charges: This allows you to transfer charges that were applied to one customer, to another—without having to go through the refund and re-charge process.  
  • Free fields: These give you the ability to create as many custom customer information fields as you want or need. i.e. shirt size, locker number, occupation, etc.







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