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How to Make the Most Of Golf Course Promotions

Golf Marketing, Increasing Revenue

The best way to suck revenue from your golf course is creating promotions or loyalty programs that aren’t specifically directed by your data.

After all, why offer something that won’t drive more sales just because you aren’t paying attention?

A few KPIs (Key Points of Interest) to watch:

  • Who are my customers?
  • Which customer demographic is coming most frequently?
  • Are any of my other customer demographics starting to generate more revenue?
  • What are my customers buying?
  • Which customers are buying the most?
  • Where are my profit margins high, and where are they low?

By asking these questions, you can start crafting a story about your customers. This makes it much easier to create promotions that will really drive sales WHILE building stronger relationships.

Below you'll find:

  1. 5 Steps to Creating Golf Course Promotions
  2. 10 Questions to Audit Your Golf Course Promos
  3. Golf Promotion Idea Cheat Sheet

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September 25, 2017 /

foreUP CEO to present at the Golf Inc. Strategies Summit

foreUP Technology

Joel Ragar of foreUP Golf Software will be providing golf course operators with strategies that can be implemented in under 60 minutes to attract new players and increase repeat play at the Golf Inc. Summit on September 26.

September 22 – Joel Ragar, co-founder and CEO of foreUP Golf Software, is set to provide actionable, strategic advice to golf course managers and operators at The Golf Inc. Strategies Summit on September 26 at 10:00 am.

The session, titled “How to Win Golfers in a Competitive Market”, follows the overarching theme of the show, which focuses on inspiring golf investors, operators, and managers by illustrating industry trends, proven strategies, and innovative changes being made by successful golf courses.

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September 22, 2017 /

foreUP Announces Integrated Wireless Inventory Auditing

foreUP News, foreUP Press

foreUP Announces Integrated Wireless Inventory Auditing

Lindon, Utah, September 14 – foreUP Inc. has released a complete rebuild of the Inventory Audit solution built into their cloud-based golf course management software. This will allow foreUP facilities much more flexibility and efficiency when doing regular inventory audits on products they sell in their pro shops.

The updated solution boasts many enhancements, from mobile optimization to bluetooth barcode scanning. The new inventory audit’s capabilities also allow course staff to start an audit, pause it, pick it back up later and filter their audits by certain inventory department or category classifications.

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September 14, 2017 /

Are You In Control of Your Pro Shop Inventory

foreUP News, inventory audit, foreUP Technology


How much hair (and time) are you losing over your inventory audit processes

For most courses we’ve worked with, we already know the answer to this question is “a lot.”

Since our goal is to make your course more efficient and more profitable, we’ve made a BIG change to foreUP’s Inventory Audit tool. Starting this week, your team won’t have any reason to hate inventory audits.

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September 12, 2017 /

Computer Security in a Cloud-Based World

foreUP Technology

Computer security may not be on your list of things to worry about, but take our word for it: taking precautions to protect your course against security threats is getting more and more critical.

4 Steps to Protecting Your Data & Your Operations From Malware

Like nearly every business in the United States, your golf course and pro shop are undoubtedly reliant upon technology.

Businesses of every size require computers, devices, and the Internet to stay relevant in a business world that can no longer function without them. Being a cloud-based service, we at foreUP are especially aware of the convenience that comes along with the ability to deliver our service to anyone with an Internet connection. However, we also recognize the risks that come along with being on the web.

We take great care to build our golf management software in a safe, secure way that protects our clients and their customer data.

However, we can’t do it on our own!

Protecting your customers and keeping your point of sale or tee sheet software secure is a joint effort, and your golf course needs to be prepared and diligent in doing your part.

Because you access foreUP, or other cloud-based softwares, from your course computer or personal laptop, it is important to make sure that your computers and devices are clean and secure. Maintaining the computer security requires staying virus and malware free.

Before we get to the steps you should take, there are some things to understand about Malware and how it makes it way into your system.

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July 31, 2017 /

Choosing a Point of Sale Software; It's Not Monkey Business

Cloud Technology

The whole nightmare-of-a-buying-process involved in choosing a point of sale software, or any software for that matter, can often be SO overwhelming that golf course managers just ignore it and avoid looking, even though they know they need a better solution.

Don't be this monkey. He doesn't know how to run a golf course.

It can be painful, and it's understandable. There are lots of things to worry about, including what in the world to look for, and how to know if you find it.

But you can't allow your fear of the unknown prevent you from propelling forward the success of your golf course, club, or pro shop; technology is so powerful that not making a decision just isn't an option.

In other words, software shopping is a necessary nightmare.

So we asked ourselves, what is something we wish WE had when shopping for software? The answer, we found, was insider knowledge.

You Don't Have To Be An Expert To Make Expert Decisions

Getting insider knowledge from an expert in the technology you're evaluating doesn't necessarily make the decision-making process simple,

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July 27, 2017 /

In The Press: foreUP Golf Software Announces Integrated Two-Way Text Messaging

foreUP Technology

Lindon, UT

July 20, 2017: The first cloud-based provider of golf management software, foreUP Inc., today announced they have added bi-directional text, or “2-Way Texting,” functionality to their suite of golf course and pro shop management solutions.

Send and receive text messages with your players, right from your front desk.

2-Way Texting is being introduced as a complimentary add-on feature for golf courses using foreUP, and the foreUP Marketing tool, to manage their day-to-day activities. Course staff will be able to have one-to-one conversations with customers/players from within their foreUP software interface, engaging them with the communication method preferred by a growing number of players in every age bracket.

(Read the release on The Golf Wire)

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July 20, 2017 /

2-Way Texting: The Biggest Thing Since The iPhone

foreUP News, foreUP Technology

When is the last time you sent a player a text?

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July 18, 2017 /

The 411 on foreUP and 3rd Party Tee Time Booking Engines

API, foreUP Technology

Recently, there has been some confusion surrounding whether or not foreUP has relationships with 3rd party booking engines. And, if so, what that relationship entails.

We’ve put together an FAQ to clear up questions or concerns our customers, and future customers, may have.

What kind of relationship does foreUP have with aggregate tee time booking companies?

foreUP has limited integrations with some third party service providers. In other words, our developers have created APIs for our customers who are already using those 3rd party tee time booking services.

An API simply allows two separate softwares to safely communicate in the background.


What is an API?

An API allows two separate companies to communicate with each other in the background. Essentially, that background communication automates an otherwise manual process.

Why create API integrations for our customers at all?

These have been created AS PROMPTED by our customers who feel they need these aggregate sites in order to book additional tee times.

Our intent is only to better serve you by simplifying any of your existing business processes, and ensuring that your business data stays inside your business.

What does a foreUP API integration do?

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June 30, 2017 /

3 Critical Things To Ask Before You Choose a Point of Sale

Golf POS, foreUP Technology

Trust & Transparency

Time to choose a point of sale for your business? Selecting your POS and reservation system is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will make as a growing business; the software you choose will become an integral part of your daily operations.

However, the stability and maintenance of that software is completely out of your hands. Any problems, bugs, or outages in the software will have a huge impact on your business. It’s important to choose a point of sale with solid software provided by a company who treats you as a partner–not a client.

It’s hard to identify the types of attributes that you should be looking for in a software provider, but you can gauge how they will treat you and your business by how they handle any major issues or software outages.


3 Questions To Ask Before You Choose a Point of Sale

Question One: Where is your status page?

Any reasonable point of sale or other software company will provide a status page of their entire system. The status page should give you an overview of:

  • What’s working
  • What’s not working
  • History of past incidents

Why Do You Want A Status Page?

Having a status page shows a level of competence, trust, and transparency. This should be the central location where you can get immediate updates on problems within the system. Many people don't think to ask for this before they choose a point of sale, not realizing its importance until it's too late. 

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May 26, 2017 /
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