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foreUP 2017 Year In Review

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When you’re two years old, one year represents 50% of your life.
When you’re 50, though, one year represents only 2% of your life.

This, they say, is why time seems to fly faster with every year you’ve lived. Thus, the things you do with each year are that much more meaningful as they shape so much and get seemly shorter and shorter!

While no one is perfectly efficient, we feel that our contribution to the year’s value is achieved by working tirelessly each and every day to be the best we can be. But what did our hard work achieve?

Take a look at our 2017 highlight video! 

To make this video, we looked back over the last year to see where we started and what we did. With this look back, we also get a renewed perspective about where we are going.

We are excited to share with you a review of some of our accomplishments and growth in this, our “2017 Year In Review” blog post.

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January 10, 2018 /

A Letter from foreUP Founder and CEO

12 Days of Christmas, foreUP News

I hope you will forgive me for hijacking foreUP’s 12th day of Christmas.

I feel the need to share how much I truly respect and look up to each and every one of you. Running a golf course is not easy, it requires long hours, and at times is beyond stressful. You work from dawn to dusk. A simple 40-hour work week isn’t something you’ve seen in years. Tuesday you’re greeting customers in the pro shop, Friday you’re in your office organizing an 80-person tournament, and on Saturday you’re on the 13th fairway fixing a broken sprinkler head. You do it all, and it’s inspiring. This kind of work ethic isn’t often found in other industries and among other professionals. Thank you for being the example that powers the motivation within foreUP.

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December 22, 2017 /

In The Press: foreUP Launches 12 Days of In-Software Gifts

foreUP News, foreUP UPdates, foreUP Press

Golf Business Solution Announces 12 Days of Software Upgrades for foreUP Customers

Read it on The Golf Wire

December 12, 2017
Lindon, UT — foreUP Golf Software today announced the first in a twelve day series of holiday “gifts” for courses using their golf course management software. These gifts will be delivered in the form of twelve surprise software features and improvements to the cloud-based point of sale and tee sheet solution.

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December 13, 2017 /

In The Press: Grouplooper Booking Powered by foreUP

foreUP Technology

foreUP to Power GroupLooper® Booking, the Golf Industry’s First Open Booking Platform from Tee Times Magazine and Apparition Golf.

Read it on The Golf Wire

December 13, 2017
LINDON, UT— foreUP today announced that they will be collaborating with Apparation Golf and Tee Times Magazine to power GroupLooper® Booking, the golf industry’s first open booking platform. GroupLooper® provides a more cost-effective way for golf course operators to offer nomadic golfers a convenient way to book tee times.

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December 13, 2017 /

12 Days of Gifts from foreUP: It's What's UP!

12 Days of Christmas, foreUP Tips & Features, foreUP Technology

We're not saying our holiday gifts to you will be the most exciting ones you receive this year, but... we've definitely made the competition a lot stiffer!

Long story short, the foreUP 12 Days of Christmas starts today! No matter what holiday (or lack of holiday) festivities you're celebrating, our 12 days of gifts will warm up your winter.

How It Works

Every day, for the next 12 days, we'll release another "gift" to you. Some of them are small things to make your life easier, and others are bigger updates that may very well change your life entirely.

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December 08, 2017 /

Employee Spotlight: Matty Gay

Employee Spotlight

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November 06, 2017 /

9 Examples of Golf Courses Nailing It At Halloween

foreUP Technology

Not many things rank higher than golfing on the fun scale, so it’s especially exciting when you get to go a little overboard in the name of holiday celebrations at the course.

We, at foreUP, are lucky enough to have incredible relationships with creative courses all over the world, so we didn’t have to look far (or think too hard) to find some great Halloween golfing ideas. Who said marketing your golf course isn't fun? Try these clever things below!

Have your own great ideas? We want to hear and see them! Share ideas, pictures, videos, and stories on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages to enter our Halloween Golf Event Ideas contest!

Take a look!

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October 30, 2017 /

foreUP Settings

foreUP News, foreUP Tips & Features, foreUP UPdates, new features, Settings

Stop Getting Lost In The Rough.


Do you care about this seemingly arbitrary number? You should!

11,175 is the (approximate) number of possible combinations for course settings in foreUP software. And that’s with only one tee-sheet and one season!

(Read On - Click Read More)

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October 25, 2017 /

foreUP Golf Named to MountainWest Capital Network's 2017 Utah 100

foreUP News, foreUP Press

Lindon, UT — October 10, 2017 — foreUP Golf Software today announced it was named to the 2017 Utah 100, MountainWest Capital Network (MWCN)’s annual list of the fastest-growing companies in Utah. foreUP was awarded as an Emerging Elite company, and was honored at the 23rd annual Utah 100 Awards program, held at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City.

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October 12, 2017 /

7 Critical Elements of Effective Golf Marketing Emails

Golf Marketing, Increasing Revenue

We've been sending emails to each other for decades, now. Open your email, type the message, hit send.

But when you're trying to engage customers, your approach with the other elements of your email can make or break its success.

Are you already sending emails to your players? This article can act as a guide to ensure that you aren't overlooking any important details.

Are you just now realizing you need to start using email to market to and engage players? Use this article as a great jumping off point.

Let's get composing an email! 

There are a lot of articles out there with instructions on what to say (and not to say) in a subject line. In general, you want to grab the customer's attention, without grabbing the Spam Filter's attention. (Click read more to continue learning about how to use emails for golf course marketing purposes.)

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September 27, 2017 /
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