Choosing a Point of Sale Software; It's Not Monkey Business

The whole nightmare-of-a-buying-process involved in choosing a point of sale software, or any software for that matter, can often be SO overwhelming that golf course managers just ignore it and avoid looking, even though they know they need a better solution.


monkey covering ears Don't be this monkey. He doesn't know how to run a golf course.


It can be painful, and it's understandable. There are lots of things to worry about, including what in the world to look for, and how to know if you find it.

But you can't allow your fear of the unknown prevent you from propelling forward the success of your golf course, club, or pro shop; technology is so powerful that not making a decision just isn't an option.

In other words, software shopping is a necessary nightmare.

So we asked ourselves, what is something we wish WE had when shopping for software? The answer, we found, was insider knowledge.

You Don't Have To Be An Expert To Make Expert Decisions

Getting insider knowledge from an expert in the technology you're evaluating doesn't necessarily make the decision-making process simple, but it gives you the facts & figures you need to make an educated decision for your business.

The fact is that POS and reservation systems are two of the most important technology decisions you can make for your golf course, club, or pro shop. The first questions is whether you want a cloud-based system or a server based software.

But we're going to skip past that question; there are so many benefits to cloud POS systems and online tee time booking services that we will leave that conversation for another post.

But A Cloud-Based Point of Sale Sounds Scary!

The decision to go with cloud technology is a no-brainer, but it sounds scary–which is the biggest barrier to cloud technology adoption.

Mainly, the concern is: What might go wrong?

We asked our own cloud geek expert to help us give you the insider knowledge that will put your mind at ease. It's not salesy, (he probably couldn't sell ice to an eskimo,) it's just Real Talk about what to look (and look out) for in cloud-based POS providers.

Fortunately for us, he's a great writer, and it's a truly valuable piece of content.

We hope you'll use it when choosing a point of sale software. May it help you find the solution you're looking for! (Psst. You can use it to test us, too.)

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