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Pro Shop Tips: Planning Golf Promotions That Drive Sales

Increasing Revenue

Successful promotions rely on these key factors: knowledge of your audience, setting realistic and measurable goals, limited availability or scarcity, sufficient promotion through your channels, and offering a real value to your customers. With this in mind, you can design promotions that work for your specific audience.

One of the most effective ways to drive sales is by bundling products. In fact, product recommendations can account for as much as 10 – 30 percent of sales. This is a strategy you can use with online sales by tagging and recommending products based on what’s in your customers carts or based on what they’ve purchased in the past.

However, personalized product bundling is also a place where your sales team can really shine. Using your POS data, you can identify the types of products that are often purchased together and create product bundles. Your sales team can then sell those bundles or create their own based on an individual customer while they are in-store.

Your data can come up with some creative product pairings that might not be immediately apparent, so don’t be afraid to experiment with bundles but ensure they still make sense together and provide value. You’ll also want to time your promotions effectively and make use of events, holidays, or seasons to drive the types of products you bundle and how you discount.

Bring Your Promotion In-Store

Create consistency in your online and in-store experiences and your customers will have a greater chance of connecting with your promotions and making purchases. Your in-store promotions should use the same language and imagery as your online and email promotions. Then, use your floor space and in-person experience to create a display that sells.

Here are some tactics that you can customize based on your own customers:

  • Organize items into categories that make sense. Knowing where to find merchandise makes a more comfortable and less confusing experience.
  • Group sale items together in a display for holidays such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas. Consider adding a few non-golf related items to the display. This works especially well if your shop is near a college or if you have a logo or brand that your customers love.
  • Whenever possible, encourage testing and engaging with the product either with or without an employee’s help.
  • Show your customers how your product looks. Display merchandise and group it together in a way that gives a clear vision of how they’d look owning it.
  • Keep your Point of Purchase displays well-stocked and use that space for consistent sellers and a place to experiment with new product.

Another component of your displays and in-store experience is your signage. Just like digital advertising, the key is to direct your customer to what you want them to do. So, display your bundles and promotions prominently with signs that show value and give a sense of urgency or scarcity.

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February 20, 2018 /

foreUP Employee Highlight: Jeff Jensen, User Experience Designer

foreUP News

Every month, Marketing chooses an employee to highlight. We ask them to explain who they are, what they do, and why they do what they do. 

For February, we asked Jeff Jensen, who is a foreUP software User Experience Designer. We think he's great, and once you read his message below, we know you will too! 

Say hello to Jeff! 

During the week, if you can't find him in the foreUP office, he's likely setting an example for the rest of us by using his breaks to take long walks with his headphones in to soak in the beautiful Utah mountain views and vibrant seasonal colors. 

Hey, I’m Jeff Jensen. I work in foreUP’s Product team as a User Experience Designer.


Interviewer: What do you do at foreUP?

Jeff: My job is to make foreUP as easy to use as possible by designing it to fit the needs of your golf course.

I research and call courses to see how they like the software, and collect opinions on how we can improve. I then design solutions to problems you all are facing, and then reach out again to ensure that those proposed solutions solve those problems.

Jeff recently got engaged to the love of his life, Sotia Chheng, who he's been with for two years. Marital bliss begins March 17th! 

So, when you see those “How are we doing on a scale from 1-10?” pop ups in the software, those come from us on the product team. And we use your feedback, complaints, and how you are using the software to figure out ways to improve the system.

I’m also in charge of the self-service support system. Ideally, our software is designed in such a way that you don’t need a tutorial. (Click Read More to continue.)

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February 14, 2018 /

Tips from the CEO: Why Joel Is Excited About Golf Texting 

foreUP Press

This article from The Orlando Sentinel starts with scary stories of lost cart girls and sunning alligators.

"Every golfer has left behind a wedge following a triple-bogey or discovered a foursome slipped in at the turn.

Some days the cart girl goes missing in action or — for Floridians — an alligator shows up to sun himself by a tee box.Where’s the course marshall when you need him?

Joel Rager, CEO of foreUP Golf Software in Utah, has developed a quick solution to the nagging issues facing golfers and course operators."

The Orlando Sentinel got a first-hand look at the passion we feel from Joel every day in the foreUP office. They grabbed him for a quick video chat during the PGA show and his excitement almost jumped through the camera as he talked about one of his favorite new componenets of the foreUP software, Two-Way Texting. 

The Sentinel nails it on the head when they say, "Ragar's golf course management software features a two-way text messaging component to facilitate real-time dialogue between golfers and the pro shop."

Using Golf Course Texting To Drive Revenue and Loyalty 

In the two minutes he is on screen, Joel suggests some great ways to utilize texting to offer a better experience—and even drive extra revenue.

Our favorite idea from Joel was for the course to place their text number inside the golf carts, so players know they can text in.  (Click Read More to continue.)

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February 08, 2018 /

Pro Shop Tips: Boost Sales By Getting Friendly With Your Customers

Increasing Revenue

Your POS software has the ability to be so much more than a sales and inventory management tool.

Leveraging the data contained inside means you can plan merchandise promotions based on what your customers actually want, rather than on your best guesses. It doesn’t take much extra effort to pull out the best data, identify patterns, and start narrowing your target audience and exactly how to draw them into a purchase.

While manufacturers, brands, and suppliers may claim to know what golfers are buying in 2018, what matters are the trends in your own shop and what your customers want. Once you start collecting sales data and running reports, the trends will start to become very clear.



Data Within the Point of Sale: What is there?

Do you know who your customers are? Your POS can tell you everything you need to know about who is currently purchasing your merchandise and even some of their purchasing habits.
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February 08, 2018 /

In The Press: foreUP Announces Fully Rebuilt Marketing Module

foreUP News, foreUP UPdates, foreUP Press

foreUP Announces Fully Rebuilt and Enhanced Marketing Tool

January 30, 2017
Lindon, Utah: foreUP, the pioneer of cloud-based golf management software, has announced the implementation of a fully rebuilt, in-house marketing management tool.

Production on the new product was spurred by customer feedback requesting more comprehensive, advanced marketing tools within foreUP’s golf business software.

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January 30, 2018 /

UPgraded Golf Marketing Solution

foreUP News, Marketing Software, new features

(Okay, okay. It’s only January. But this is BIG!)

Even with all the barriers our email providers put up to weed out unnecessary messages, email marketing continues to be one of the best ways to engage your current player base, bring in repeat business, and drum up new customers.

But there are some roadblocks.

  • Impersonal emails don’t get opened.
  • Ugly emails don’t get viewed.
  • Cluttered emails don’t get clicked.
  • Irrelevant emails can hurt more than they help.

So we decided to build a tool to empower you to do more than just send emails and instead send great emails.

And... as the cherry on top….do it easily.

Introducing a Fully Rebuilt, Enhanced Marketing Module

The whole interface of our Marketing module has been fully redesigned to make it more intuitive and enjoyable to use. But the UPgraded interface is just the icing on the cake!

Our Product team has been working hard to make sure our software has everything you would get in other email marketing platforms—only now, you can do it right within foreUP!

So what are the biggest changes? (See all of them HERE)

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January 29, 2018 /

Pro Shop Practices: Inventory Management

Increasing Revenue

Hours of inventory management tasks cut into the time you can spend developing new strategies for your customers.

With POS management systems, you can automate your reporting and track your inventory seamlessly. You’ll also find that you can make faster, better decisions by having an up-to-the-minute look at your inventory and how it’s performing. So, start streamlining your audits, managing and planning your inventory, and reporting and analyzing data.

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January 29, 2018 /

The Common Sense Approach to Buying and Stocking Merchandise

Increasing Revenue

Keeping your pro shop fully stocked and in the black is a fine art.

And, while it might seem impossible to worry about keeping shirts on the shelves while also juggling tee times and other course management tasks, the truth is that collecting data and identifying trends don’t have to take much time at all!

While manufacturers, brands, and suppliers may claim to know what golfers are buying in 2018, what matters are the trends in your own shop and what your customers want. Once you start collecting sales data and running reports, the trends will start to become very clear!

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January 18, 2018 /


PGA Show Orlando

Ahh, the annual PGA Merchandise Show. The magical time when everyone in the golf industry gathers to show off all of the new clubs, balls, shoes, clothing, software, golf gadgets, and top gear for the upcoming season.

The PGA Show in Orlando, Florida is in its 65th year, and is the event of the year if you are in the golf industry. To help you simplify and make the most of your trip to Florida this year, we’ve put together a few travel tips. You’ll find tricks for navigating the show chaos, as well as good places for food and entertainment for those who want to escape or even make a vacation out of it.

  • Planning for the PGA Show Venue
  • Where to Golf in Orlando
  • Where to Eat Near the Orange County Convention Center (And Beyond)
  • Orlando Nightlife
  • Hunting in the Orlando Area
  • Fishing in Orlando
  • The Best Orlando Beaches
  • Orlando Theme Parks
  • Shopping in and Around Orlando

Planning for the 2018 PGA Show Venue

The Orange County Convention Center is a huge place, and the show attracts more than 40,000 attendees every year. With more than 10 miles of aisles lined with booths & displays, "The Show," (as most attendees call it,) can be daunting—even if you’ve been before!

Here are some tricks for planning your trip to avoid frustration and chaos when you arrive:

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January 15, 2018 /

The PGA Merchandise Show Is the Premier Event for Golf Professionals

Golf Marketing

PGA members and golf professionals involved in buying and selling equipment within the golf community will gather in Orlando January 23rd -January 26th to demo an astounding variety of golf equipment from all the major brands.

This extravaganza is a wonderful opportunity to not only see and test out the latest golfing equipment, but to network with industry professionals, meet with manufacturers and distributors, and attend valuable educational sessions. Learn more about this exciting event and how your golf or pro shop might benefit from attending.

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January 15, 2018 /
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